Warren Harrison: Composer, Producer, Musician

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The Future (Warren Harrison)

When I was a child, I was fascinated with robots, computers and technology. I fantasized about having a pet robot to play with.

Flash forward half a century and I found myself making an album that was part regression therapy, part catharsis and part experimenting with the weird sounds in my head. A revisiting of many parts of myself that I locked away.

When I completed this album (F9v2, released Dec 2021) I had a clear vision for the visuals that should go with it. I had neither the knowledge, nor the technology at that time create it. I spent hours trying to chain together bits of code and image manipulation libraries and eventually gave up. It seems the technology has now caught up with the nostalgia and creepy dystopia (you can decide which) that was in my head.

The Future

F9v2 album