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Hungry Lucy - In the Circle

Another 20 year old Hungry Lucy gem, that was always a fan favorite. In the Circle is a positive message for humanity from the brilliant lyrical mind of my partner in power, Christa Belle. Of course sung by the very same angelic voice. I cannot think of a more fitting message for today. Perhaps some day, these words will seem trite as it will be the default of humanity.

Be with me in the circle
You're always welcome here
It's safer in the circle
But do not bring your fear
I'll meet you in the circle
Within your own good time
I'll be here in the circle
Forever with you intertwined

I recall a show in Portland, OR where the brilliant lighting designer (we never had the means to bring our own on the road) quickly caught on to the tone of this video and brought the stage alight in visual flame and fog. It was a powerful, dramatic moment.

Be well, lovely humans.