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The Queen (feat. Siri Imani & Arzeen)

A true collaboration from composer/producer Warren Harrison (Jess Lamb, Studio II, Hungry Lucy), activist/poet Siri Imani (@siri_imani) and vocalist Arzeen (Mystical Joyride, @arzeenkamal). The Queen began from a conversation between Warren and Siri during vocal recording sessions for Siri’s forthcoming album. 24 hours later the base music track was born and Siri’s lyrics & vocals, added shortly after. From there the track was sent to Arzeen to add his magic touch. The result is a dark, tribal groove that demands your attention. A track with this much weight and drama needed visuals to match. Enter photographer and visual artist Sarah Aha (@ahamoonflower).

Available on all digital platforms on Sept 29, 2022

Contact: warren@wphmusic.com

Bandcamp: warrenharrison.bandcamp.com