Warren Harrison: Composer, Producer, Musician

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By Warren Harrison

For fans of: Boards of Canada, Daft Punk/Tron:Legacy

Available on digital platforms: Dec 9, 2021

Change is necessary, and the transitions can be difficult. Composer/producer Warren Harrison (Jess Lamb and The Factory / Hungry Lucy) recently went through such a transition that started to take him to "the dark place". Rather than trying to pull himself out of it, Warren opted to embrace and immerse himself in it, and channel it into music. The result is a collection of dystopian, retro-futurist pieces that pull in unusual sounds, dialogue and oddities Warren has collected over the years. In typical Harrison style, the album is ripe with contrasts. Warm, hymn-like melodies play over top of reversed, glitchy textures and distorted, almost ASMR, breathing. Because constraints can be interesting, Warren set a foolish goal of producing an album of new music within 51 days. Littered with obvious and hidden meaning, F9v2 expresses the gnarly, uncomfortable emotions and subjects. Better out than in.

The album title is a reference to Warren’s short-lived solo project of the mid 1990s, Fishtank No.9. This project had only 1 release, the album Itself, released by COP International in 1997.