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Music: Bassically

A first run with the new Moog Minitaur. 4 audio tracks, no MIDI (and sloppy playing). I just recorded a track, tweaked the sound and went for another. Very stream of consciousness.

Some observations:

The low end is VERY nice (duh).

There is an upper range limit to the oscillators, which is pretty low. Makes sense for a bass synth. If you tune oscillator 2 up an octave from osc 1 and play in the upper octave, oscillator 2 stops at it's upper limit allowing it to drone a single note, no matter where you play in that octave. Seemed like something was wrong at first, then I understood what was happening. You can hear the effect in the middle range repeating riff above.

While there's no noise generator, you can crank the LFO all the way up and get a "nearly noise" effect (heard in the "drum" sounds above)

I expected this to sound exactly like the Moog Little Phatty. Not so. The filter has a more growly sound. I dig it.